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Sils (mt. 1809)

The magical light that characterizes Sils has inspired great men of culture of yesterday and today.
A country that appears to lie down on a large green lawn between the lake of Sils and Silvaplana, is also called a "mystical" and can unleash great force and energy (they are registered values "Bovis' very high).
Around the corner, the charming Val Fex, ready to welcome you for romantic excursions and for those who enjoy climbing more difficult Furtschellas there, the mountain of the house, it promises excitement.
Do a boat trip on the lake.
Sils is undoubtedly the location of Engadina el'emblema culture is the house where the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche spent the summers from 1881 to 1888, designing here his great work "Thus Spake Zarathustra," the manifesto of ' man to live without idols, beyond good and evil, capable of living without violence, with the quiet forest, with no wind.
Place of inspiration yesterday but also today: here David Bowie was left to carry that same light magic that led Nietzsche to say "for me it is as if I were in the promised land."
Sils is waiting for you with elegance and discretion of the luxurious Hotel Waldhaus.